Keyless Locks

Electronic Door Locks

Gray Security Systems is an authorized KeyScan dealer. These electronic door lock systems support a variety of reader technologies, including radio frequency, biometrics, iClass, proximity, bar code and mag stripe, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and uses.


KeyScan Control Unit Standard Features

  • Stores up to 32,000 cards per site, with no limit on the number of sites. (Remote sites via TCP/IP or dial-up modem.)
  • Create up to 512 door groups and 512 elevator groups.
  • Retains the last 6,000 transactions in an active memory buffer for quick retrieval.
  • Create up to 256 time zones, 512 different schedules, three holiday types and up to 64 holiday dates.
  • Monitors door forced open and door held open alarm conditions at reader-controlled doors.
  • Monitors temporary cards with programmable activation/expiration and/or usage countdowns.
  • Heavy-duty 10 amp relays for long life and durability.

  • Large well-constructed enclosures with ample room for wiring and circuit boards.
  • Dual processors for enhanced system performance — panels operate during uploading and downloading of data.
  • Individual reader terminal blocks, removable for easier installation and service.
  • Mix or match access control units for optimum installation.
  • Simple jumper settings for most Wiegand protocols.
  • Programs daylight saving time and standard time to change automatically.
  • Two-year warranty.

Call Gray Security Services at 919-832-2748 or email us today. We’ll design and install an electronic door lock system featuring Keyscan keyless entry door locks or keypad door locks to secure and monitor access to sensitive areas of your facility.