Two-Way Voice

Central Station Monitoring — Two-Way Voice

Two-Way Voice service offers two-way audio communications via your home security monitoring system from anywhere in your home. When your alarm is activated, a central station operator can talk directly with you to get more information about what specific assistance you need and provide reassurance and information until the proper authorities arrive — even if you can’t reach the phone to call for help!

Benefits of Two-Way Voice

If you or a loved one find yourself in any of these situations, Two-Way Voice central station monitoring will be more than merely a convenience. It may be a life-saver!


If you or a family member can’t escape the house, the central station operator can alert the fire department and provide the exact location and condition of the person trapped. The operator can also stay in constant contact until rescue arrives, providing support to the victim and updated information to the fire department.

Medical Emergency

If a family member has a serious accident or medical problem, a simple push on the panic button can immediately connect you directly to the central station operator. You can remain close to your sick or injured family member and give details to the operator without juggling a telephone. When the paramedics arrive, they will already know what the problem is and be able to more quickly begin appropriate treatment of the victim.


If someone breaks into your home while you’re away (and ignores the loud siren from your alarm system), a central station operator is immediately on line. The operator will loudly announce “Emergency Response Center, please identify yourself” — usually frightening any burglar away.

Home Invasion

If your home is broken into while you are there, simply enter your duress code into the alarm panel and the central station operator can listen to what is happening. Knowing the operator is listening, you can carefully make them aware of your situation. The operator will contact the police and can relay detailed information to the officers en route.

How does it work?

A Two-Way Voice home security monitoring system consists of one speaker and one microphone in the center of the house, which can provide coverage over 2,500 square feet. If your coverage area needs to be larger than 2,500 square feet, we simply add additional speakers and microphones as necessary. You control whether the system is activated. The central station operator cannot simply listen in to your home at any time. The alarm system from your home must first send a signal before the operator can communicate with you. Two-Way Voice is available for both new and existing alarm systems.



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